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NMQ: National Mosaic and Multi-Sensor QPE

MRMS data

NOAA/NSSL’s ground-based National Mosaic and Multi-sensor Quantitative Precipitation Estimation (NMQ;;Zhang et al. BAMS, 2011) is a multiradar, multisensor system(MRMS, or called "Q3") built upon the CRAFT data network. Q3 combines information from all ground-based radars comprising the Weather Surveillance Radar-1988 Doppler (WSR-88D) network to derive experimental radar-based products comprising high-resolution instantaneous rainrate mosaics available over the CONUS.

Thanks to Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Kirstetter and Q3 development team for providing following products:
  1. Level-2 data for overpasses
  2. from Mar 1, 2014 for F16, F17, F18, GCOMW1, GPM, METOPA, NOAA18, NOAA19;
    from Mar 10, 2013 for TRMM;
    from Mar 2, 2014 for GPM.

  3. Level-3 Hourly data from Feb 1, 2013
    Level-3 Half-hourly data from Jun 1, 2014

  4. Tile-8 data from Dec 10, 2010

These products are open to PMM science team members upon request.
  • Request MRMS(NMQ or Q3) Data: Contact and
  • Download the documentation (provided by Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Kirstetter of University of Oklahoma and NSSL/NOAA.

Level-3 hourly (or half-hourly) gauge-adjusted/filtered NMQ rainrates at 0.01o resolution are used in this study to compare with gauge measurements over various areas (Nassawadox, VA; Pocomoke, MD; South Fork Basin, IA), as well as TMPA 3B42 and IMERG over the CONUS.

Level-2 NMQ instantaneous rainrates are used to compare with 2AGPROF, 2ADPR, 2BCMGMI, 2AKU, as well as MHS (Microwave Humidity Sounder flown on the NOAA and METOPS satellites) over the CONUS.

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