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Korean QPE Thanks to Korea Meteorological Administration(KMA) for developing two sets of QPE data for comparisons with IMERG.

(1) RAR-RAD: a Real-time ADjusted Radar-AWS (Automatic Weather Station) Rainrate system using eleven radars over South Korea.
Data are available from 03/2014 to 05/2019.

(2) HSR: Hybrid Surface Rainfall system, a rainfall estimation technique based on the lowest-observable elevation surface.
Applying hybrid surface technique, the partial beam blocking area and ground clutter area were properly supplemented with upper elevation values and other non-rain echoes were effectively removed.
Data are available from 05/2019 to 05/2020 so far.

  • Comparisons of IMERG with RAD-RAR
  • Comparisons IMERG with HSR

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