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Olympic Mountain Experiment (Olympex)

The Olympic Mountain Experiment (Olympex) was held in northwest Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. Olympex was the last planned GPM GV field campaign sponsored by NASA. The main goals of Olympex were:
  • Physical validation of the precipitation (rain and snow) algorithms for both the GMI and DPR.
  • How precipitation mechanisms in midlatitude frontal systems and their modification by terrain affect GPM rainfall estimation uncertainties.
  • Quantifying the accuracy and uncertainty of the GPM precipitation data and its hydrologic applicability.
  • Merging numerical modeling and satellite observations to optimize precipitation estimation in hybrid monitoring systems of the future.
Latest version of the Olympex Operations Plan

NASA Instrumentation

NASA provided support for field operations of several disdrometers (Parsivel, Joss-Waldvogel, and Two-D Video), rain gauges (tipping bucket) and its S-band transportable dual-polarimetric radar (NPOL), as well as its Dual-frequency, Dual-polarization, Doppler Radar (D3R).

Rain Gauges/Soil Moisture Two-D Video Disdrometer Autonomous Parsivel Units
NPOL Micro Rain Radar D3R

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