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Disdrometers: APU Parsivel at Texas A&M University

Disdrometer Data Collaboration with Texas A&M University

The GPM Precipitation Research Facility (PRF) has deployed a number of gauge networks for studying the spatial temporal variation of precipitation, and to provide validation to radar and disdrometer precipitation rate estimates. Recently (April 2019), we partnered with Atmospheric Sciences at Texas A&M in an effort to obtain previously unavailable drop size distribution (DSD) observations in southeast Texas.

Quick Look Images and Data

Please visit the main disdrometer web page and select APU06 to view quicklooks.

Daily Zip Files of Raw Data

Click here to access a list of daily zip files. Each zip file contains a number of hourly zip files with the raw data. These data are updated at 03 UTC for the previous day.

NOTE: Due modem issues, no data is available between June 8, 2022 and April 12, 2023.

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