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NASA/GPM Radar Assets

Tropical Ocean/Global Atmosphere (TOGA) C-band

TOGA is a C-band Doppler adar that has been deployed numerous times on both land and sea, including TOGA/COARE, TRMM/LBA (1999), NAMMA (2006), and more recently DYNAMO.

TOGA operates at a frequency between 5600 and 5650 MHz with 250 kW nominal power. It can run multiple pulse widths: 0.5, 0.8, 1.0 or 2.0 microseconds with a PRF from 250 to 2000 Hz. TOGA's antenna is a 2.44 meter solid metal parabolic dish with a beam width of 1.55 degrees. TOGA can operate in PPI full, PPI Sector, and RHI modes with a maximum angular velocity of 18 deg/s.

TOGA is currently deployed on Wallops Island next to NASA's SPANDAR radar and is used for both range support and to provide pseudo-profiler measurements.

[Latitude: 37.854949N, Longitude: -75.512666W]

Latest TOGA Imagery

The figures to the right show the a pseudo-profiler view of TOGA data taken at both 60 and 78 degrees elevation. The abscissa is azimuth and the ordinate is height. The left most figure is reflectivity and the rightmost figure is radial velocity.

The figure below shows a time height cross-section of reflectivity from the 60 degree scan. The reflectivity shown here is the mean annular reflectivity from each scan.




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