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NASA/GPM Radar Assets

Dual-polarization, Dual-frequency Doppler Radar (D3R)

D3R is NASA's newest Ka/Ku dual-polarization Doppler mobile radar. D3R's first deployment was to participate in the GCPEX field campaign. D3R was also deployed for the IFloodS field campaign in the Spring of 2013.

Latest D3R Ku PPI Images - Olympex

Animate Ku/Reflectivity PPI

Animate Ku/Velocity PPI

Animate Ku/RhoHV PPI

Latest D3R Ka PPI Images - Olympex

Animate Ka/Reflectivity PPI

Animate Ka/Velocity PPI

Animate Ka/RhoHV PPI

Latest D3R Ku RHI Images - Olympex

Animate Ku/Reflectivity RHI

Animate Ku/Velocity RHI

Animate Ku/RhoHV RHI

Latest D3R Ka RHI Images - Olympex

Animate Ka/Reflectivity RHI

Animate Ka/Velocity RHI

Animate Ka/RhoHV RHI

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